Friday, September 14, 2012

My Wedding Gown

As promised I would be slowly get all my wedding posts on my blog. It has just taken so much time to go through all of them. I think this is my favorite post. So many people have asked about my gown so I'm glad I get to highlight it here.

If you followed my wedding process you may know that finding a wedding gown was not an easy process. I believe we went to 9 bridal stores and tried on more than 100 dresses. I was "that" bride. I could not decide on anything. Even when I found this one I didn't think it was the one! I had been looking for a dress that was a little different from everything else I had seen in most stores. I'm not a bead, tulle, bow, or poof kinda girl. I found my gown at RK Bridal in NYC. I loved this place. No appointments! Just go in, sign up and start pulling your own gowns to try on.

 This dress moved amazing. It was comfortable and I felt beautiful wearing it. 

Designer: St. Patrick, 2011 Spring Collection
Style: Elenco
Shape: Mermaid
Embellishment: Lace
Color: Ivory 

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

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The Vintage Modern Wife said...

seriously love your dress.

Mrs. Kee said...

so beautiful!

Molly said...

Such a lovely dress, and you look absolutely gorgeous in it. I love the picture of you dancing!

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

Love the dress and you are stunning in it!

Paper Sidewalks said...

Your dress is gorgeous! That picture of you dancing is adorable. It looks like you had a fantastic time


Click here said...

These are so beautiful wedding gowns for wedding day. Thanks for the posting.

Veronica Lee Burns said...

beautiful dress!
New to your blog from the link up.
I TOTALLY agree...getting everything up on the blog post wedding is crazy! It takes forever!

abby @ every day with hazel mae said...
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Jennifer said...

Hello! New to your blog from the link up! I love your gown! I so wish I would have gone with something with less train because UGH that was hell carrying it around.

abby @ every day with hazel mae said...

WOW! What a beautiful dress & you look gorgeous in it! I found your blog via the Wedding Wednesday hop and I'm so glad I did. New follower here :)

Everyday with Hazel Mae

Holly said...

You tried on over 100 dresses?!?! FUN! :) I found my dream dress on the 5th one. Just last weekend my sister and I went out and tried on some more just for fun :) I think we might do it again, because why not?!

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