Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life Lately and a Giveaway Winner

Life Lately has been a bit lame. Last week was rough. In addition to the crazy rain fall. I had a double ear infection and was sidelined with some heavy duty antibiotics and ear drops.

I only got to Zumba once this week which is a total bummer BUT I did lose another 2.2 pounds. I'm am so excited! People are starting to notice a change in me. I'm starting to feel a little extra room in my pants! I've lost 8.2 pounds in a month. I'm just a little over the average!  I'm finally feeling better about myself.

We skipped out on pumpking picking so lay in bed for hours on Saturday. The only fall activity I did was plant our mums. Brain and I really don't do "down time". Our crazy work schedules give us little time during the week to spend together. I'm sure he prefers doing nothing on the weekends but I am a mover and shaker. I want to pack in as much fun possible in the few hours we have. I'm hoping to make up for it next weekend.

Next weekend we were supposed to travel to PA for a long time friend's wedding. Yesterday I got a terrible text message saying "wedding is cancelled" I don't know the circumstances of the cancellation nor do I need to. My heart breaks for both of them. I can't even imagine what they are going through. I just hope they can eventually find some comfort. I'm just going to try and be a good friend. I let her know I would be there for her like she has been there for me. Every 7th of the month she has texted me.  I told her they were the most difficult days and since then she has sent me little texted of encouragement and love.

Sunday marked 5 months since we lost our baby and for the first time I was OK. I didn't lay in bed and cry. Grief can be a strange thing. Don't get me wrong it still hurts on a daily basis but I got myself up. I went to softball, a craft fair and spent the day with my family. I've spent to many months hating myself. I must move forward. I must get back to the person I used to be. I'm on my way and that is the most important thing.

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

Oh and the winner of our giveaway is Sara Grace for Gracefully Made

Sara, please email me so I can send out your goodies!


The Vintage Modern Wife said...

I am SO proud of you for losing the weight and getting out of bed on the 7th. You are right- you need to push forward. It doesn't mean it still can't hurt, but you definitely are right in the fact that you need to get back to the vibrant and vivacious girl you were. Ps- I'm so sad I didn't win! You bought some awesome stuff hehe

Allie said...

It's fantastic that you're seeing results and losing weight, that must feel amazing! As a new reader I don't know the details of your loss, but I'm inspired by your strength as you move forward with your life. I'm sending positive thoughts your way <3.

cynthia said...

I've only been following for a week so I don't know much back story but ti sounds like you are headed in the right direction!:) Bummer about the wedding, though. :(

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