Monday, March 11, 2013

Boot Camp- Day 3 AND 4

Boot camp Day 3

Thanks to a pretty large March blizzard our boot camp on Friday was rescheduled to Saturday morning at 5am. It was tough to see 4:45am on a Saturday. That hasn't happened in a very long time and I was usually getting home at that time and not getting up.

Morning 3 work out consisted of:

- Arm circles

- Jumping jacks

- Calf lifts
2x each

2x around the circuit

- Downward dog push ups

- Plank/ 10 pound weight

- Squat, leg lift, shoulder press with resistance

- Sliding leg stretches

- Knee lift taps

- Sliding mountain climbers

- Spiderman push ups

- Partner push ups with high fives

We finished up with abs and planks.

My favorite part of the day was going home for coffee and getting back to the gym by 8:30 to get a good hour of Zumba in. I'm starting to feel good. I need to get my food intake under control. I didn't realize how much hungrier I would feel. I have to make sure I pick up a lot more fruits and vegetables than I did last week. I really want to check my measurements too. I just can't wait to see some results!

Boot Camp- Day 4

Today, UGH, I'd like to call today boot camp with cramps.  It was not fun. On top of the time change. It certainly felt like 3:45 today!
We changed things up a bit.
We skipped stations and stayed stationary.

We did a few sets of each
3 minutes of cardio- Burpees, Jumping squats, High knees, Jumping twists (Not sure of the correct name but we basically jumped and twisted our hips and legs in opposite directions)

2 minutes weight training- Several different types of jumping squats.

2 minutes of abs- Crunches, scissor kicks, and bicycle crunches.

To say I'm hurting is a tremendous understatement! However, I can not wait to get the day started. My best friend is having a baby today. I can not wait to meet little Jayden! Sending lots of loving to my best girl and her family this morning. Good luck Lindsey, Terrance and big sister, Danika. Love you all.

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Dang! You are doing awesome!!! :)

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