Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just Because- You Shouldn't Be A Jerk

There are some things I have wanted to share here for a while but I've been unable to for numerous reasons. One of those reasons is because there are little people out there who read this blog and not because they enjoy it but to act as little spies. Now, you are probably already thinking "She's just paranoid' and I wish I was be but it has happened before. People have admitted it.

However, there is something going on in my life for a while that I really would like to share. I need the support of kind readers while I've been bullied in my life. I need a caring environment where people would not judge me.

For years there has been a few people who have really hurt me. For many reasons we both were not innocent. They have said horrible things about myself, my family and my husband. They have made me hurt. Up until recently I even gave up. I said I was done fighting for myself and standing up for myself. I was hurt, very hurt. Then just a few weeks ago I was reminded that Karma really does work in mysterious ways. Yes, the b*tch inside me has worn a slight smirk since. I realized that what you give out in this world you get back. You really shouldn't be a jerk because will rear it ugly head right towards you. I was always taught to treat people they way you want to be treated. Just don't be a a jerk! It really isn't worth it. This isn't high school and we shouldn't act mean girls. Don't treat people poorly. It will only come back to haunt you in the end.

Have a great day!


Jen said...

I 100% agree with this, karma will always get those who treat others poorly.

Meg said...

Don't hide that smirk - karma definitely is real and I'm glad that person was put in their place! ;)

On another note, thanks again for adding that button and I also just saw the "Northeast Bloggers" button which I am surely going to join now :)

Lisette said...

Yes. Karma is a B. Now I'm left wondering what this karma is??????? Thanks for linking up!

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