Friday, March 29, 2013

Happies and Crappies...

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- I completed boot camp! I DID IT!!! I did not miss one class! I think I may have been the only one! 

- I lost a total of 3.5 inches. 
Arms- Down .5 inch
Chest- Down 1 inch
Waist- Down .5 inch
Hips- Down 1 inch
Leg- Down .5 inch

- My birthday weekend was great. I will probably post about it when life gets a bit less hectic. I took a zumba class. Went shopping for some new work out clothes, dinner and breakfast at my favorite place the next day. 

- My parents got me a Home Depot gift card so we can do some home renovations. I also got some great earrings. Brian got me another month of boot camp! I'm so excited. 

- We got a juicer! I'm loving juicing but hating the clean up!!!


- My phone broke. BOO! Verizon did replace it but I lost all of my photos.

- Work is just INSANE! Plus, I'm kind of jealous that it seems like everyone has a 3 or 4 day weekend. Not me! 

- Between work and the 4:45 wake up call I am so tired all the time. I haven't stayed up passed 8:30 this entire week. 

What are your happies and crappies this week?

Happy Easter! Enjoy your weekend. 


Molly said...

I'm glad to hear you had a happy birthday! Enjoy your Easter weekend! :)

Jen said...

Congrats on finishing boot camp, that takes such commitment and you did great! :)

jackie jade said...

happy late birthday and great work on the boot camp classes! i don't get a long weekend either, so don't feel too bad! thanks for stopping by my blog - following you now!

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