Friday, November 1, 2013

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- Happiest of birthday wishes to my dad today!!! We will be celebrating with him this weekend. 

- It's FRIDAY and both Brian and I are off for 2 days together. He always works Saturday so I'm excited we have an entire weekend together. 
- Brian is almost finished putting the crib together, our curtains arrived so we are really along with the nursery! 
- We had such a great time celebrating Halloween with our kids at work. Plus I got to dress up the bump and hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. Brian ran out before I got home from work (7+ bags worth of candy). I stopped off for me goodies.

- This Monday, October 28th was Brian and my original anniversary! I always have such awesome memories of the first night he asked me to be his girlfriend. That same night after 2 weeks of knowing one another he also told me he could see himself marrying me. I guess he was right on that one.


- I got strep throat this week this week and I still feel pretty terrible. Usually when I get sick I'm able to fight it off easy. Not when I'm pregnant. It has knocked me out. 
- In addition to the strep I ended up in the maternity ward of the hospital this week with some terrible back pain. I guess back pain is a big deal. Turn out Baby G is very low for only 29+ weeks causing some back issues. All is ok but I need to take it easy or baby could show up a bit earlier than January. 
(The happy part of this is I was able to meet most of the nurses at the hospital. They were wonderful! They took such good care of me. Even before Brian got to the hospital they made me feel comfortable when I was pretty freaked out.)

- It's dad's birthday BUT his gifts haven't arrived yet. I ordered him a bunch of Breaking Bad stuff for him. He is obsessed! I'm hoping to wrap up a picture of them so he can open up something!!! 



Jen said...

Oh no I'm glad you are okay though and hopefully Baby G stays put. Enjoy your weekend with your hubby. :)

Kristin said...

Hope you are feeling better, have a great weekend!

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