Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bumpdate- 36 Weeks

Some one wants to get in on the 36 week picture!

How Far along: 36 Weeks and 4 days.

Baby is the size of: Baby G is the size of a head of romaine lettuce.

Total Weight Gain: Ugh, I'm up 35. I can tell I have major water weight going on. The swelling has definately helped with the weight gain.

Sleep: I'm usually up several times at night for either a position change, bathroom break or because my snoring is so loud I'm waking myself up.

Best moment of the week:

* Being snowed in with my husband. Doing lots of cooking, baking and wrapping gifts together.
* Hearing the baby is 80% effaced at my appointment last week. Oh baby!!!  

Worst Moment of the Week:
* Getting stuck this morning in the snow with out my Jeep. For the first time during the nasty weather I had such an intense fear for baby and I. I felt like it was a mini panic attack. I cried and cried at the thought of getting to work.

Miss Anything:
* Feeling good in my own skin. Feeling attractive.

Food Cravings:
* Not much. I find it super funny that my husband craves more food lately than I do!

Anything make you queasy:
* Nasty acid reflux makes my stomach sick most nights.

Have you started to show? I really have and people have started to mention how BIG I am.

Gender: Surprise baby!!!

Symptoms: Swelling, trouble sleeping, soreness in my hips and nether region all the time.

Workouts: Taking the dog out and shoveling snow was the extent of my physical activity. I swear lugging around this baby is exercise enough!

Mood: I'm still really hormonal. I have been hard on myself lately. I feel heavy and very unattractive. I often wonder if my husband will ever find me attractive again.

Looking forward to:

* Meeting baby! I'm getting so excited to see if we are havng a girl or a boy!

Maternity Clothes: Yes plus lots of yoga pants!

Stretchmarks: Just noticed a few today.

Rings on or off? Haha, these monster fingers haven't seen a ring in weeks!

Bellybutton in or out? It's sort of in between still.

This week I:
* Did a ton of Christmas shopping and wrapping! All of the goodies are under the tree and I can't wait to distribute.

* Went to a Christmas concert and baby bounced the entire time. Baby loves music!

Baby Update:

* Baby is doing great.
* Baby is head down and getting ready to enter this crazy little world.

It's a bit blurry but I can't get enough of how funny he is.

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WinterBenson said...

I basically wore yoga pants my entire pregnancy. After about 12 weeks my jeans hurt, because of the rise, and from then on, it was yoga pants. Your delivery date will be here in no time now! Exciting!

Jen said...

You are such a gorgeous momma! :)

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