Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baby's 1st Easter

Has everyone recovered from their Easter hangover? We are getting there! Our Easter Sunday was lovely. I hope all of you enjoyed as much as we did. I must admit most things are more fun when you add kids (and puppies in my opinion) This weekend was no exception. 

We started our Easter bright and early. I can't say 5 am was really all that bright though. It was still pretty dark. No egg hunt this year for us but there was a little basket left by the Bunny himself. This year the bunny was very practical. Considering Jack wants for nothing this mommy tried to get things he could use. 

Inside Jack's basket you will find: 
Babyganics bug spray and sunscreen- $12
Easter bib- $4
Sassy Guitar music toy- $4 (clearance)
3 Pacifier Clips- $5 each
Baby To Go Wipes- $2
Brown Bear Brown Bear Book- $6.50
The Crown on Your Head Book- $7
Fisher Price Monkey Book- $1

Although I went practical I still spent over $50

Happy boy with his Easter goodies. 

After opening our goodies we surprised my in laws with a quick trip to their house. We had originally  told them we wouldn't be able to spend the day with both families. They were thrilled. My mother in law even cried she was so excited. 

What Jack Wore:
Shirt and Dockers- Carters
Hat- Old Navy
Shoes- Hand me down from his cousins 

After we stopped at my in laws we met up with my family and enjoyed a very relaxing holiday.  

Outfit change- 
Onsie- Target
Hat- Made by Grandma

We ended the night with a sleep over at my parents. Grandma and Poppy spoiled Jack with baskets (yes hat would be 3) full of goodies. They filled his baskets with formula, rice cereal, diapers, bubbles, dvds, teethers, bubbles, sand pail and shovel. He is a spoiled little boy! 


Jen said...

These pictures are so great! What a wonderful Easter. :)

Meg Doherty said...

Oh my gosh!!! Jack's Easter outfit is the cutest ever! What a fantastic day - so great that you got to see both families on his first Easter :)

Nichole @ said...

Are you kidding me with the hats?! So cute

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