Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Do You Reward Yourself?

As a new mom I'm trying my hardest to find a balance between being the best mom I can be, being a good wife and being a good employee with out losing myself along the way. I am not ashamed to admit I have found it difficult treating myself well. Only going back to work for 4 days has also made an impact on our wallets so spending any unnecessary money has been outlawed around here. Before baby I would think nothing of rewarding myself with a trip to the mall and spending lots of cash on a outfits, shoes and accessories.

Since I haven't treated myself to much since January I decided it was about time to do something for me; really pamper myself. This past weekend I decided to reward myself with a new haircut. Not only did I get a cut and color but I left Jack with my mom for the day and treated myself a Starbucks.  I went all out cutting 7 inches off! I also went several shades lighter and added a few highlights.

The verdict is still out on whether on not I like it. I think it's just a shocking. I love my stylist but she overbooked herself and completely forgot about me under the dryer. My highlights were platinum blonde and I needed her to re dye my hair a bit darker. I think I need to get used to it but its a fun cut and it will be perfect for the summer.  

I was nice to spend some time on me. I can't deny I thought of Jack most of the time I was away from him. I was lucky enough to sit near a mom of a 3 year old who was also treating herself to a new cut and color. We talked about our little boys and how much we loved being mommies. We also spent time talking about the importance of treating ourselves to something that make us feel good. It isn't often that we find time to be kind to ourselves.

As a new mom with extra weight, and clothes that don't fit I find it easier to beat myself up rather than be kind. This past Saturday was about me.  It was my reward for doing a good job being a mommy and wife.

So tell me how do you reward yourself?

Do you indulge on a new outfit, a manicure, a date night?

I'm participating in the "Give Yourself a Raise Campaign" hosted by Raise a new online marketplace to buy and sell gift cards. The reason for the campaign is to focus on the importance of rewarding yourself for all the hard work you do put into everyday. 


Ashley said...

Looks awesome!! Good job Mama!!!

Jen said...

You look stunning!!!!! :)

Meg Doherty said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot even tell you for gorgeous you look!!! Did Jack still recognize you?! Lol!

Laura said...

Ummm i LOVE your new hair! I've been wanting a new hair style myself and i honestly love yours- i may just take this pic to my stylist this weekend!! Good for you treating yourself!

Amy DeVito said...

I really like your new haircut.

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