Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Letter To My 20 Year Old Self

I get updates from the site EveryDay Family that always give me a heads up on new baby items, suggestions and some interesting blog posts. Last week I was directed to a blog post on what the author would tell her 20 year old self. It inspired me to think of all the things I would tell myself 14 years ago.

Dear Kristina in 2000, 

There are so many things I want to share with you but first more then anything you should know you are loved. Things get better everyday. It will take a long time but things will turn out just the way you hoped for so don't change or compromise who you are. But remember it will take some time so while you wait please let this letter help you through the drama of being a young adult. Now I know you are rolling your eyes thinking you know everything but just take a moment 

The most important thing I have to share with you is to love your body. 
No a size 10 is not fat! 
You will get heavier and than lighter.
Your weight will always fluctuate but in no way are you fat. 
You have a beautiful, curvy figure. By the time you are 30 you will be wishing for that size 10 and how very perky you are. Love that body you have.  It will give you the greatest gift of a son.
Do not hate it because if you hate yourself no one will respect you. 
People will notice you hate your body and use it against you to take advantage!
People will fall in love with your heart and passion.
When you grow up the man you always wished for will fall in love with who you are inside. 
He will love you for your passion and your good heart.
While we are on the subject of him, get used to falling asleep early, no more 3am bedtimes with him, get used to fruit in your stuffing, yuck, learn accept the Star Trek thing; yes even the Christmas ornaments

Have FUN. 
Enjoy yourself. 
Take vacations
Wear sunscreen because you're Irish... You don't tan!
Spend time with friends. 
Stay out late. 
Don't shop to much!
Spend time with your parents. 
Try and build a good relationship with your brother. 
Save your money!

Do not mistake sex for love. 
Respect yourself and others will too.
Stop looking for love in all the wrong places. 
It will happen with no strings attached. 
You will fall in love. 
Your heart will break and you will break some hearts too. 
It hurts but it gets better as the time goes on. 

That boy you have a crush on...TELL HIM
Don't hide it and pretent to just be friends.
Let him know how he makes you smile and write in your journal about him.
Show him you love him because he will suddenly be taken from us all way to soon. 
You will always regret not telling him.

In a few years you will meet a man
He is not "The One"
Run in the opposite direction!
He may look like a night in shining armour but he is not.
Good person but not a good boyfriend. 
He will walk out on you when you need him most.

That Billabong hoodie and Delia's boots are NOT SEXY! 
Throw them away sooner not later!

Your high school best friend will be there for everything. She will even bring you a bagel an hour after you deliver your son because she knows you'll be hungry!

Stop smoking before you can't run with out weezing and before they are $8 a pack. 
Stop saying the F word in front of people. 
Its not cool. 
People think its trashy. 
Don't ever pretend to be drunk. Everyone always knows!
Go to your high school reunion! You will regret that too.
NEVER drink beer followed by Long Island Iced Teas, EVER! 
You will sleep on bathroom floor and massive hang over. 

In closing all I can say is be HAPPY. We have made mistakes and we will make more but everything works in some crazy way. 
Continue to care and love like you do. 
Don't let the world harden your feelings. 
Love who you are and all who love you.

You are loved, 
Kristina 2014


Nichole @ said...

Billabong and Delias!! Haha, oh yes I do remember. This is a great post! I love it.

Jen said...

I love this!!!!

Stephanie Brown said...

I absolutely love this. Oh what I would tell my 21 year old self...

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