Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Year Without Cable


So last year Brian and I decided to ditch cable. I was completely skeptical at first and sometimes I still am. We live in an area of NJ that only have 1 option of cable providers and they are terrible and expensive. Plus, they don't care about customer satisfaction. We also had the option of satellite but it's not a great option as every single wind storm our neighbors lose service for hours!

I was skeptical about ditching cable. I have no shame in admitting I like television. I love mindless, reality tv and most of the time I'm paying attention. It's only background noise most of the time. My husband ensured me it wouldn't be to bad. It turns out it hasn't been THAT tough. We purchased an Apple TV and also a Chromecast. The Apple TV gives us lots of options as does the many apps on our phones. I have had difficulty with some sports. We missed all Yankee games and most Ranger games. Although I have missed out on those I have found some new shows to get hooked on and some old favorites.

These are some of my favorites:

1. Dawson's Creek- I watched the ENTIRE series and would start all over again! I used to love that show. I would watch it every week, religiously, back in high school.

2. One Tree Hill- Another I watched the ENTIRE series all over again and would do it again.

3. Breaking Bad- I never watched when it was on tv but during maternity leave I had extra time. By far one of the best series I've ever watched.

4. Revenge- Loved it and I'm so lucky to be able to watch the newest episodes thanks to the ABC app.

5. House of Cards- I am looking forward to it returning this winter! So devious!!!

6. Criminal Minds- YIKES! I became obsessed and now I'm afraid of my own shadow! The show is terrifying!

7. Anything Food Network and HGTV- I like background noise so I'll often put the tv on

Thanks to my CBS and the Fox Now app I'm also loving American Idol, Selfie and Modern Family.

Problem is I haven't found any new shows to new to watch on Netflix. We don't have Hulu although I have been thinking about it. A new channel called Feelin was also added and I'm not sure of the title but the shows look awesome.

Any show suggestions Netflix, Fox or ABC shows I can tune into?

How about Hulu? Is it worth it to do both Netflix and Hulu?


Jenn said...

A few friends had told me about The Good Wife and how addicted they were (it sounded stupid based on the name to me), but my husband and I watched two episodes last night and it's really good!
I've heard good things about Girls! too

Jen said...

We have cable but still have Netflix and Hulu.

Meg Taylor said...

I do the same thing with HGTV and Food Network background noise and that's great you can still get them without cable! So glad your year hasn't been intolerable! We loooove Netflix and have many times thought about giving up cable.

Valerie Rath said...

We have cable and we also get movies from Netflix. One of my new favorite shows on ABC is How to Get Away With Murder. It's addictive like The Good Wife and Revenge.

Kimberley T said...

I don't think I could give up the TV shows I watch and the kids watch all the time, scary thought

Lisa D said...

We got rid of cable about a year ago too! We don't miss it at all. I have the chance to watch a little cable while at work and I end up watching reruns of shows I've seen a million time. We love Hulu! It's great for the shows that are newer. We watch it more than Netflix most of the time. Sleep Hollow in FOX is so good! And all of the seasons should still be on Hulu. I just got caught up on it.

Ashley said...

I love pretty much all these shows! I watched Dawsons Creek and OTH all over again and would do it again as well!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

I was pretty excited when they added Gilmore Girls to Netflix. Mad Men also. I'm not much of a tv watcher though, but my daughter would probably wonder what happened to Sofia.

Sandra Litcher said...

Blacklist, Scandal, Parenthood and Gilmore Girls are really good ones on Netflix! I love a good show in the evening and those are all great! Gilmore Girls is the only older show. The rest have current seasons on now!

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