Friday, January 23, 2015

Oh Hey Friday

My favorite day of the work week has finally arrived! Although I only worked 3 days this week its tough getting back after a 4 day weekend with Jack. Long weekends make it hard to go back. It's like a taste of what it's like being a stay at home mom. What I wouldn't give to work less or not work at all just to be with my little dude. I feel like I miss so much! I think the stress of work sucks the life out of me!

Here are my FIVE this week:

[one] jack's party is supposed to be tomorrow. Guess what?!?! Snowstorm expected! Of course it happens on the weekend I plan. Jack is all set. I even got him a hair cut. We will see what tomorrow holds for us. I will probably make a decision tonight on whether or not we should reschedule. I also ordered a 1st birthday shirt over 6 weeks ago. NEVER ARRIVED!!! My luck is just not with me for this party. I'm totally stressing. The weather reports are saying 100 different things and none of which are good news.

[two] Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. BEST $20 I have ever spent! My nails look incredible. My nail polish always chips and fades really fast. It's been a few days and they are still shining. I really hope they stay this way for the 10 days they claim they do!

[three] When Jack was tiny I would give him baths in the kitchen sink. It was much easier on my postpartum body than doing tub baths. When he got older we put him in the tub and then in a bath seat. Yesterday he kept trying to get into the sink while my husband was doing dishes so I had a bright idea of just giving him a sink bath. Best decision ever! Jack had a bath, I cleaned the counters, and prepared his food while he played with measuring cups and bubbles! Multi tasking momma for the win!

[four] I was elated to hear that President Obama mentioned Cystic Fibrosis during his State of the Union address. CF is classified as a rare disease and so many people do not know of it so to hear it being highlighted was huge for the CF community.

[five] I have major baby fever again. I don't really know why because I keep telling myself how tough it is with one toddler. I also have to remind myself I am still waking up every night at 3am and how exhausted i still am. I couldn't imagine being pregnant again! Hey ovaries, Calm the EFF down!!!

This is why I don't sleep! 

Happy Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend.


The Cozads said...

Bummer about the shirt!!! Hope that it magically shows up in time for his party!

Sandra Litcher said...

Loved giving my kiddos sink baths! They just had the best time! I forgot that I had bought a few of the Sally Hansen miracle gel colors when they were on sale, but they were out of the top coat. Thanks for the reminder, I can't wait to try them!

Jenn said...

I hope the snow doesnt mess up your party plans!!! I hate when mother nature gets in the way of a good party! Let us know how the Sally Hansen gel works out--I'd be curious to try it if it lasts that long!

Jen said...

He is seriously so cute! Love him!

Miranda @ Miranda Writes said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy! I second the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! I love it! =)

Breanna said...

Oh my goodness! Stay away snow! And I'm sorry his shirt never came! :( I need to pick up some of that gel polish, and geeze - can I relate to everything in this post! Keep on keepin' on, Mama! <3

Meg Taylor said...

Oooh the Sally Hansen stuff is really that good?! I need to check it out! Also, I'm sorry about Jack's party! Totally jinxed yourself with the "winter onederland" theme lol. Don't worry, it'll all be perfect, though, no matter when it is - and maybe that'll give you more time to get the shirt in! Is it from an Etsy shop??

Ashley said...

Baby fever.. Did it ever end? Mine didn't! Lol! Look at his hair cut!! Good luck with the party tomorrow!!!

Nina Robinson said...

Good luck with the bday party! I remember being stressed out about my son's 1st birthday and that was with nice weather. Glad to hear the Sally Hansen gel is worth the splurge. I just got a gel manicure for the first time and it's been two weeks with no chips. I'm hooked!

J Young said...
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J Young said...

Oh man, I hope your party plans work out!!
And hey, it's okay to have baby fever, having kids close together is hard for a few years, but it's also SO much fun and they become such good friends! :)

Roselynn Mercedes said...

But when you look at that face how can you not resist more babies. My ovaries have been going into over drive lately too. I'm so ready for a baby. But not so ready for the late nights amongst all the other responsibilities.

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Love the bath and kitchen cleaning multitasking! I really enjoyed the level of sink baths back in the baby days, so much easier on the back.
Sucks about the party stress. Stressful enough really just on its own without bad worry eminent. Fingers crossed things work out.

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