Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm The Kind Of Mom

I'm the kind of mom who:

...let's her baby co sleep.

...let's her baby eat in the living room. liberal with bed times. a germophobe.

... knows all the words to Thomas and Friends and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

...knows her baby fever needs to chill.

... enjoys it when people talk to her son.

... uses good diapers at night and Target brand during the day.

... spends a lot of money on baby clothes.

... struggled with nursing but refused to give up and nursed till my son was 11 months.

... takes A LOT of pictures.

... has a living room filled with toys.

... sometimes survives on coffee and caffeine.

...asks her mom friends just about everything.

... still doesn't sleep through the night.

...still hasn't lost much baby weight.

...  has her son's clothes to match.

... sometimes coordinates outfits with her son.

... doesn't judge other mom's for the decisions they make.

... loves the unexpected support she received from blogging.

... still struggles when she leaves her baby to go to work.

... realizes her life and the world got infinitely better since her son arrived.

...Is completely and madly in love with her son.

What kind of mom are you?


Amanda said...

Aww that is a cute post!!! Way to own your motherhood!

Tori said...

I'm not a mom yet but I loved reading your list!

Hannah Diane said...

This is so sweet!

Tory said...

This is such a sweet list! I really hope I'm this kind of mom when I get older.

Nichole @ said...

So sweet!

Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

Sometimes survives on coffee and caffeine?! That's me seriously ALL the time!! This is so cute! And I agree with co-sleeping;)

Ashley Lee said...

That kind of mama is the best! <3

Meghan said...

I loved this post! Soo sweet!

Kailei Pew said...

Great post! I hope that I can own my motherhood the same way you do. What a great momma you seem to be!

Jen said...

You are an amazing mom, that is what you are! :)

Jess R. said...

This is great! What a lucky little boy you have :)

Laura said...

ok also love this post - you are totaly inspiring me on great post ideas tonight. I want to write one like this too!! i'll give you your credit if I copy the ideas ;)

I know all too well the "eat in the living room" and I know allll the words to Thomas and etc.e tc. ok going to go write this now!

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