Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jack's Favorite Story Books


Each night I try to read a nice story to Jack and yet each night he walks away, pushes the book or takes it out of my hands and hides it. Instead of stressing I've decided to read to him when he can't reach them. I read to him in the bath tub. He plays with his tub toys. I read away and we both get something out of it, at least I hope so. We have lots of favorites. These are the ones I find myself reading to him most often. I would suggest any Nancy Tillman to any new moms! On The Night You Were Born has to be the most heartwarming book I've ever read. Right after Jack was born I would read it and cry my eyes out. I still do sometimes! Love You Forever is also another one that starts the waterworks. Holy cow, the tears! Our other favorites are some of our fun favorites.

We are always looking for new things for Jack and I to read.

What are your favorite baby book recommendations?


Jenn said...

We LOVE these books for our kids! And Nancy Tillman books are real tear jerkers! It's Time To Sleep My Love is great. Another that will have you balling ... You Are My I Love You!

Tori said...

I'm not sure what baby books I could recommend, but I did like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!

Jen said...

These are all such good books, definitely some good choices. :)

Darby said...

We love reading On The Night You Were Born and Love You Forever to our two girls! We are expecting our first boy and will have to check out Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. I totally hear you on your son not wanting to listen. My almost-2 year old is the same way. I'll have to steal your tub idea!

The Cozads said...

My little loves reading Pete the Cat {and his Groovy Buttons} as well as the Clumsy Crab. They are colorful and fun! Thanks for sharing your recommendations!

Miranda @ Miranda Writes said...

When I was little I loved reading Little Critter by Mercer Mayer. I plan on reading those to my little ones someday... =)

Ashley said...

We love all the nancy Tillman books! There are a still a few we don't have, but we have 4-5 already!! I love children's books!!

Bekah Walsh said...

Goodnight moon is a classic - did you see the recent blog post talking about the bedroom? so funny!

Laura said...

great post! I should do this too.

Right now these are Natalie's (and therefore my) favorite books. She usually sits and lets me read the whole thing before taking them out of my hands:
Owl Babies
Dear Zoo (she loves this one)
Open the Barn Door (I truly think this book is why she learned the words "moo" "duck" and "woof")
The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss (she touches her feet now when I start reading this)
Wiggle by Tao Gomi (Look this up on amazon, you put your finger through the book to make the cats tail wag, the lizard's tongue shake, the elephant trunk swing, etc. and she gets such a kick out of it!)
Night Night, Little Pookie
Snuggle Puppy (this book is set to song if you youtube it, so I end up singing this book to her when I read it)

I have a ton of great books (some you mentioned above) that are not board books that I haven't even ventured into with her yet - she's ripped enough of them at this point that I've basically packed them away until she's older but as a result, I haven't even read "I'll love you forever" to her yet!! I somehow feel this is a travesty and now want to pull out all the paperback books!

Alexis D said...

These are such great books! I will have to keep them in mind for my nieces and nephews

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