Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Swim Lessons

I signed our little boy up for swim lessons. I was very unsure if it was the right decision to make as I'be played around with it for some time. It wasn't until I saw a video on FB of one of Jack's friends swimming all by himself after several months of lessons. Last Saturday I took Jack for a trial class and he loved it. It was a small class of 3. The instructor had awesome songs to sing and toys to play with. They cut right to the chase and Jack went under right away. He did amazing! He didn't even swallow water. I couldn't have been more proud. I loved their methods and couldn't wait to sign him up. From now on Jack and I will be going to swim classes each Saturday.

It's so wonderful to watch your children grow and learn every day. He lights up my life and I adore how he's growing. It's pretty great to be a parent.

Sidebar: Week 2 was not so good! The screams that came out of my poor boy! It was like some one was trying to torture him! To say I felt awful was the understatement of the year. Lots of tears and screams but we made it through and we will try again next week.


Jen said...

He looks so cute! I hope the next time is better than week 2!

Meg Taylor said...

Aww I'm sorry week 2 wasn't as fantastic as week 1! I think it's sooo important for kids to learn how to swim, so I approve of your decision :)

Ashley said...

Noah loves swimming too! I've been taking him to free swim lately and he is loving it!! Hopefully after a few more classes he will love it!!

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