Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hospital Bag- Part 2

The second time around for everything seems a bit easier for everything including baby #2. The fear of the unknown is now replaced by the fear of the "Oh god, can I do this again." This has been a constant concern since I found out I was pregnant. My first pregnancy was pretty great. This one has been a lot tougher for me. My body hasn't reacted well since the misery of my 1st trimester. There are some things about this time around that are a bit easier and packing for the hospital has been one of them.

The first time around I scanned the blog world for tips and tricks on what to bring. Most everything I saw was to avoid packing too much. I took that to heart and think I packed too little for myself. Like last time I intend on spending 2 days at the hospital but I will pack for 3 just in case.

Hospital bag

- Robe
- 2-3 yoga or pajama pants
- 2-3 nursing tops
- 2 nursing bras
- 2-3 underwear although those mesh panties are so great!
- Flip flops
- Non slip socks
- Toiletries- I will not forget the conditioner this time!
- Hair brush
- Hair bands
- Head bands
- Water bottle
- Camera
- Chargers
- Snacks
- Coming home outfit; Maxi dress and a cardigan

I am very lucky that my hospital provides mesh underwear, icicle pads, Tuck's Pads and Dermoplast. If yours doesn't I suggest picking them up for yourself after a vaginal birth. They were lifesavers.

I'm very lucky that the hospital is only 5 minutes from my parent's home. I pre pack our hospital bags and give them to my parents several weeks before my due date. This time around we will also pack one for Jack.
Check back tomorrow for what I'm packing for Jack and daddy!

What did you put in your hospital bag?
Is there anything that I may have missed.

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Jen said...

This is so helpful! I am starting to put together our hospital bags as well.

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